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Here is our Club 172N, it's a Nice Flyer.

it's a 1977 Cessna 172 Model N, GARMIN 430 GPS, IFR equiped.

The club 172 is kept in our hangar out of the weather

You can see the club website (Click on the Pic)above


Youth and Flight

This years Youth Field trip to Spark some interest in Flying at a young age. More to follow.

Something about us.

Cessna Co.

Here is the Full Line-up at Cessna to Dream about.

A fine Organization

If your a Pilot you might look into the AOPA they are our savor.

AOPA'S Fly-in Info.

A must to go to one of these if they are Close to you.


Keep up on Current Issues here.
I will gather all the info related to this Outstanding Airplane as soon as possible , a little at a time. Check back and see my progress. I could use Suggestions if you would leave them here or email me. Thanks